Recruiting Software VS CRM (Client Relationship Management)

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What is CRM? If I get CRM software program will I be a better recruiter?

Should recruiting software program have CRM features? Unique Pegboard Displays Turnkey Systems Increase Sales Avante Kiosks [1] . Do recruiting software vendors include CRM in their item?

I think CRM is a lot of smoke created by some really excellent marketing and advertising folks who could sell ice to Eskimos.

A typical definition for CRM is The procedure of utilizing information to find, secure and keep customers. The men and women, events, and questions connected with marketing, sales, and service. Yikes! I thought that is what recruiting is?

Why am I on such a soap box? Simply because I talk to about 50 different recruiters and recruitment firm owners a week and every once in a while I get asked does this software contain CRM. A couple of years back when the question was asked I was at a loss for words. I had no idea what they were talking about. Precise Gas Chlorinators with Less Maintenance Chlorine Feeders Superior Chlorinat [2] . I was terribly concerned that following 25 years in the recruiting business putting in ten hours a day seven days a week I had totally missed something and an entire process went right over my head.

So I went to work reading and studying almost everything I could discover on CRM and came to the conclusion that CRM and recruiting software program are a single and the same. If your recruiting computer software does not have the characteristics defined by CRM then you do not have recruiting software program.

Initial of all, who are the customers of an executive recruiter? Candidates and clients are! As any recruiter knows the item of a recruiter is also the customer, the candidate, one unique characteristic of the recruiting sector.

Lets go back to that CRM definition above. The process of utilizing information to come across, secure and keep clients. Your recruiting software program should be used to locate and track candidates and clients. Once located the software has to preserve them available to you through periodic contact.

Next, The individuals, events and concerns connected with marketing, sales and service. Ok, if your recruiting software cannot help you market to various demographics of clients and candidates then why are you using it? What are you using to market to clients and candidates? Do you have a separate system for this? Do you have a separate database for marketing and advertising to clientele, a separate database for marketing to candidates? Do candidates at times turn out to be clients? Do clientele sometimes turn into candidates? Is candidate John Smith repeated in the client Database and then again in a separate advertising and marketing program? How silly these questions are! If you answer yes to any of the above I suggest you reconsider your whole method to recruiting.

And if you have this separation how in the world are you ever going to preserve track of the events and questions? Possibly if they are all separate I can sell you company idiot consolidation software that will pull all these desperate systems together for you.

So I will answer the leading questions. If I buy CRM computer software will I be a far better recruiter? No, due to the fact youre an idiot for having recruiting software program that is not also CRM. Must recruiting software have CRM capabilities? Of course, CRM and recruiting software are one and the same factor. Clinic or Research-Grade Haag Streit Tonometers Tonometers - Applanation Perkins [3] . Do recruiting computer software vendors consist of CRM in their item? Yes, if they dont they are not a recruiting computer software vendor.

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