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Information about Typewriter Fonts

People often think about what the actual words on a page will say but they are also passed a message via the styling of the letters used. This has been something to think about for all forms of litterature from an early novel typed with a type writer font all the way through to modern literature such as pamphlets displaying relevent information.

It is oftentimes possible to see the formalness of the text you are about to read just by looking at the font. Cunning use of fonts will give your website a particular and individual feel to it. To finish off a very particular style for your website, it's fitting to choose a very specific font that reflects your subject. When looking at most of the media online, the typeface most of them use is sans-serif. This is due to it’s formal but simply readable style that lends itself easily to the words when viewed on the screen of a computer. Serif fonts on the other hand are intended to give a superior finish when printed out on actual paper. These are soothing on the eye and provide excellent readability in printed form.

Serious Typewriter Font is Serious

If the aim of the page is to be scientific, it’s often more common to come across a “fixed width” font, which has a more “sterile” feel to it. In most scientific texts, a more standard font may be employed for the header or title but the body of the text will often use a typewriter font. A font that is more often used in letters that are mailed, be it personal or from a company is Times New Roman. There are many, many different fonts out there such as Arial, Helvetica, Coms sans etc and new ones are designed every day.

Typewriter Font + Web 2.0 >= Awesome

The use of a typewriter font is starting to become more and more widespread with the advent of so-called “web 2.0” webpages. In order to distinguish themselves from the millions and millions of other sites out there, retro typewriter fonts are being employed for imposing headers and for retro looking texts, all the way through to scientific descriptions and programming code imprinted on websites. One thing is for sure, it has become normal practice to choose a font for it’s style and affect on the reading audience.

Although it will on no account become the most used font of the world wide web, for those looking for some retro cool touches to their site, or are looking to give scientific information in a professional style and even those looking to display code in a specific and differenciating style, typewriter font could be for you.

Your selection of font says a lot about both your site and about you as the website owner of the website. If you are short on ideas or are uncertain what fonts you should use for the tone of your website, check out "What font is right for you and your website" guide, even a japanese style font might suit you. If you've already decided that you would like to go with a super awe-inspiring typewriter font of legends, there are many available check out www.typewriterfont.net.

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